Fabio Ongarato Design



Design continues to play a more important part in contemporary discourse because it deals with the way we feel. For all of us, design must be an experience regardless of medium; whether it is print, environmental graphics or identity creation, the outcome must stand out and truly connect. Our designers are compelled by the view that design is a cultural imperative and so see it as his or her personal responsibility to create a heightened experience that engages emotionally and intellectually. This view leads to ideas that find form beyond one dimensional expressions, with our designers owning and guiding the multilayered design process; working closely with clients to understand their marketplace and their perspective in order to determine a unique voice that is our client’s – not our own; a unique voice that reflects an enduring, differentiated point of view. Our work is informed through strategically-driven thinking and research to ensure that it is distinctive and goes beyond the expected; ensuring the outcomes surprise us, delight us, reassure us, engage us. Such feelings are the product of our broad ranging craft, and the essence of the work detailed in this website.