ferranElOtro Studio



ferranElOtro Studio is a design office based in Barcelona and founded in 2007. The studio develops graphic communication projects giving special attention to editorial and graphic design. The studio's philosophy is the continuous search of the minimum and necessary. It's methodology is to consider what´s expendable and debug contents to find the perfect balance between the contents provided by the client and the graphic needs that the project requires. The studio has a open structure of collaboration with different creatives like photographers, illustrators, programmers or printers to enhance the final form of the outcome. ferranElOtro Studio takes part in other projects like Save As… Publications (publishing company with Irene Minovas), Pipa (critique and contemporary art magazine with Maite Garbayo and Francesc Ruiz), or 122 x 244 (exhibition design and museography company with Martí Anson).