Nuno Pinto Da Cruz


raphic design is a field that requires a multidisciplinary approach. Each mission requires knowledge of semiology, typography, aesthetics and economics in order to provide meaning and form to a project. — And this is precisely Nuno Pinto da Cruz’s motto. His aim is to consider, find, design, compose and invent the right design. He also aims to give a project its own voice and, if possible, to make things that surround us more beautiful. — Nuno has been a freelancer for the last six years with clients in Brussels, Paris and Berlin; he has experience in both print and web design. He handles the entire chain of production, from the very first meeting with a client to delivery of the final printed product. Furthermore, the project is always harmonised with the client, applying graphic principles of excellence to every aspect of visual communication. As the art director, Nuno outsources some of the work to colleagues such as photographers, illustrators and developers who form part of his professional network. Nuno Pinto da Cruz believes that form follows function and that clearly designed images work better. At the same time he maintains his activities as artist and author, with an endless curiosity for the vast world.